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Developing software for robotic API integration is crucial as it allows different components and systems to communicate effectively. This integration can enable robots to help human productivity.

Welcome to AR Reveal, where innovative technology amalgamates with human potential to sculpt the future of Robotics. Robotics technology remains a triumphant interplay of science, engineering, and technology, tasked with a noble objective: to fabricate machines that evoke the potential and behavior of human beings. Crafting these miraculous entities, called robots, is our forte.

Our software enables developers and businesses to interact with and control the robots using standardized methods. This could open up opportunities for other developers to create custom applications or utilize the robots’ capabilities in innovative ways.

Our mobile robots make great quantum sensor transporters

These robots add to agriculture innovation, for example. designed to measure the type of light that influences plant growth, called photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). More precisely, the sensor measures the number of photosynthetically active photons at a particular location at a point in time to see how much PAR a plant in that location would receive.
Artificially lit greenhouses both underwater and underground, attaching it to mobile robots like Spot has valuable potential in agriculture, where monitoring and managing light is vital. It could also help model emerging large-scale bio-ecosystems, such as plantations in the desert or underground farms, to help use them address global food security.
Very light-sensitive greenhouse plants like tomatoes, a project feeding into the country’s food security focus on locally grown rather than imported produce.
Pairing quantum sensors with mobile robots has such potential. We saw particular value in the ability to program Alpha to take regular measurements around the garden over time.


These innovative sensors help navigate in environments where GPS systems either don’t work or could be an exploitable weakness. These non-GPS PNT systems often use cold trapped ion quantum sensors that measure tiny changes in gravity and atomic acceleration. As the technology gets smaller and more rugged, experts believe these systems will have significant potential in commercial and defense industries.

GIS Mapping

We design robots with quantum gravity sensors could transform our ability to map underground structures. By measuring differences in gravitational fields more precisely, these sensors could help reduce construction risks through more accurate mapping of tunnels, caves or sinkholes, as well as helping environmental scientists to model and predict patterns of magma flow or groundwater levels to manage eruption and flood risks.


-Autonomous robots and vehicles

Current LiDAR systems that measure laser beam travel time to and from objects with accuracy to the range of 100 milliseconds, quantum LiDAR like SPIDAR will measure photon travel time to the trillionths of a second. They will also be able to detect objects through fog or potentially around corners,

Offline Programming

Diving deep into the services we offer, beginning with Offline Programming, one of our cherished categories. Our offline programming software enables you to program industrial robots without a physical connection to the equipment. Mobility meets convenience.

Mobile Robot Planning

Where we meticulously program robots to interact with the dynamic world, achieving targets while dodging obstacles. Additionally, Real-Time Path Planning caters to on-the-spot planning necessities, ensuring smooth maneuverability sans any delay.

Robot Simulators

Enveloping a broad range for varying developmental and operational needs. Our Middleware acts as the bridge connecting disparate applications, aiding in communication and data management.

UAV (Drone) Control

Programming drones to successfully complete complex flight paths, even in challenging weather conditions. The crux of all, Artificial Intelligence for Robots, marks our commitment towards developing autonomous machines, capable of learning and improving from their experiences.

At the helm of our operations is our paramount expertise in software development and API creation. These go beyond simply connecting with robotics, they create a symbiotic bond, enabling an effortless flow of intelligent instructions to our robotic counterparts. This bond is fortified by the solid principles of seamless integration, robust security, scalability, and real-time response – the hallmarks of our software and APIs.

Our prowess does not stop there. We have a rich lineage of combining machine learning algorithms with robotics, translating into robots that learn, adapt and grow, much like their human masters. Machine learning breathes intelligence into our robots, equipping them with the ability to decipher intricate patterns, make informed decisions, and dynamically enhance their operational efficiency over time.


Quantum Computing

Advancements in global positioning systems (GPS) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners.

Quantum Data

Our science teams are tackling by implementing AI to separate insights from the noise to sort through the information.

This accuracy and reliability make quantum sensors very useful. They make sure the tick of atomic clocks stays true to the beat of time, a quality which puts them at the heart of GPS and other Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) systems. They are also widely used in MRI scanners to provide clinicians with finely detailed diagnostic images improve the environmental data available to scientists and industry, a vital aspect of global sustainability efforts.

Quantum Sensing and Robotics

Quantum sensors are very sensitive, which as allowed us to tackle tactile sensing elements in fiber optic cables for robotic arms — helping the robot arm to perceive its environment by detecting precise information about pressure, vibration, temperature or texture.
quantum sensors combined with mobile robots. Information about the environment detected by the sensors, such as small changes in temperature or magnetic fields, can enable the robot to make more precise movements and decisions, as well as gather valuable data for other purposes.
IT Projects

Our software engineers provide sustainable software for our clients


AR Reveal programs hardware to work alongside humans.

Quantum sensors and quantum AI are just the beginning: Robots are now getting the quantum sensor treatment too. Quantum sensors will supercharge the way robots work and how we apply them. 
technology is full of sensors that measure heat, light, movement, pressure or other aspects of the physical environment. Quantum sensors add something new. They use the quantum properties of how particles behave at atomic scale to detect tiny movements or changes in gravitational, electric or magnetic fields. 
stable measurement, as they measure properties like the structure of atoms or spins of atomic particles, which never change.

These are exciting times at AR Reveal, we’re operating in an exciting field where combining robotics and software development is used to create advanced robots with seamless API integration. Our work can potentially revolutionize various industries by increasing automation, improving efficiency, and providing new opportunities for customization. Our software enables developers and businesses to interact with and control the robots using standardized methods. This could open up opportunities for other developers to create custom applications or utilize the robots' capabilities in innovative ways.

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